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Carol is A Reiki Master and Energy Healer.. What is Reiki?

Reiki Universal Life Force Healing is a relaxing therapy where the practitioner puts their hands on or above the body to balance the bodies energy and access the bodies healing potential.You will feel an amazing relaxation and presence and a healing in your body. It is normal for your stomach to start gurgling as your bodies energy shifts and balances. A reiki treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvinated. A 30 minute session is $35.00. An hour session is $65.00.

Reiki Level 1 and 2 Trainings Available one on one or watch for dates.

Chakra Balancing is done with reiki, crystals and relaxing music. A 30 minute Chakra Balancing Session on the Biomat is $40.00

Shamanic Healing Massage is a specialty massage that uses massage, crystals, tibetan bowls, rattles and drums to break up blocks and balance the body and spirit. A one hour Shamanic massage on the biomat is $75.00

Biomat is Afar infrared heated mat with tourmaline and amethyst crystals. It increases the healing potential in the body.